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Adjusting the watch strap

Your watch arrived or you think about ordering one, but you don't know how to adjust the strap of your watch?

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On-Location Service

You would like to take a look at our products in real life? Or you need help when shortening the strap of your watch? No problem, find one of our over 800 partner stores in your area.

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Defective product

The strap of your Laimer watch broke or it isn't working properly? No worries; you can find the solution for your problem here.

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You're not 100% happy with your order or would like to return your watch or another Laimer product? Find all the information to your return here.

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The ordered product is not as you expected it, but you already have something else on your mind? Of course you can simply exchange your product.


Order arrived defective or wasn't delivered

Your order didn't arrive or the product was delivered defective? Contact us and we are going to find the best solution for this problem.



You'd like to know, where we are shipping to and when your parcel will arrive? Take a look at our shipping policy.

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You want to know, which materials we use for our products? Of natural ressources like wood and stone, and our range of quality movements.

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About us

Want to know more about us and our philosophie? No problem, you can find more about our story, our team and whom we support here.

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You can find the answers to some Frequently asked questions about us and our products below.

▽ Is there a Laimer shop?

Yes, our woodstore is located in Lana (BZ) Italy. Of course we offer all of our products there, as well as proper consulting. More particularly you can find our concept store here: Via Johann Kravogl 8, I-39011 Lana (BZ). Additionally, there are many Laimer resellers in Germany, Italy, Austria ..., who distribute our products.

▽ Are our products identical to the product pictures?

No, our accessories are not identical to the product photos. They are mainly made of the natural material wood and mother earth, as is well known, does not like to be supervised or leaded. Therefore, the color and/or grain of our products can differ from watch to watch and production line to production line. At the same time, this is one of the particularities of our products: every article is really unique. In case you do want your product to be either particularly e.g. dark, grained or else, be sure to let us know by means of an order note or an email and we'll try to find a matching one as best as possible.

▽ Which type of wood are used for our products?

We use different types of wood for our products, e.g. Maple, Walnut or Sandalwood. Thereby we exclusively use FSC - certified residuals of the furniture industry: so no tree is cut down for us. In case you want to learn more about the used types of wood, click here.

▽ Which movements are bbuilt into our watches?

We use both quartz- and mechanical movements of the companies Miyota and Seiko for our products. We also have single models with Swiss movements. Learn more about our movements.

▽ Are our products waterproof?

Our products are NOT waterproof. That stating, that the material wood in general can be damaged by water. Anyhow, our products are splash proof and, therefore, sweat, rain drops .... are no problem thanks to the special impregnation. In any case you should remove them when e.g. taking a both or swimming.

▽ Is it possible to have an allergic reaction?

We call attention to the fact, that our products are made out of 100% natural wood, which is not processed with toxic chemicals or any other protective Treatments. Very little People react allergic to wood. However, you should watch your skin and look out for any changes in the first weeks you wear your LAiMER product. If there occurs any discomfort on your wrist or any type of itch or rash please take off you product and contact your doctor. Additionally the closing of our LAiMER watches consist of metal and are in contact with your skin when wearing the product. Therefore, we cannot exclude allergical reactions.Generally hypoallergenic means that the risk for an allergic reaction for this product is minimized. It was treated without any substances like alcohol, nickel or colorants. However, hypoallergenic does not mean, that it is not possible to get an allergical reaction. Every body is and works differently, reacts differently to different products. LAiMER is not responsible for any damage, injuries or damage caused by the wooden products.

▽ Do our watches need special care?

No, there is no special care needed. Our products are impregnatet and varnished with a special, invisible lacquer. That's how the natural features of the wood can be preserved in full. The impregnation is approved to DIN EN71/73, which is the norm for kids toys and, therefore, free of any harmfull substances. In case you want to clean your Accessoire anyhow, you should use a slightly (!!!) humid lobar. Please be sure to not use to much water and no detergents. Do not add the product into a wyewear bath or into the dishwasher. In order to remove impurities between the chain links, you should use a tweezer.

▽ How can I dispose the battery?

Obviously, our watches are equipped with a battery. Empty batteries can be send back to our stores and disposed there. We guarantee proper waste removal. Batteries contain harzadous substances, characterized by chemical symbols (Cd for cadmium, Hg for Mercury, Pb for lead). Please never dispose any batteries in your household waste.


In case you never found a solution for your problem or answer to your question, simply contact us. Our office is open from Monday to Friday from 8AM to 12 PM and from 1PM to 6PM. You can also reache us on Saturday from 9AM to 12PM. These opening hours can vary on holidays.


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