Armband anpassen

Wie kürze ich selbst das Armband meiner Laimer uhr?

Below you'll find a short description on how to easily adjust the strap of your laimer watch to your wrist-circumference.

Most of our watches are equiped with a simple link-strap, allowing to individually remove or add the single chain links.

Alternatively you can leave us a note with your wrist circumference when ordering a watch. This way we can adjust the strap before shipping the watch.

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Tool to adjust the watch strap

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1. Removing the connecting pin

Use the green tool to loosen the joint pin between two chain links. It is very important that you press the pin in the correct direction (take a look at the arrow on the back of the chain links).

2. Removing connecting pin at two links

Hence, you can use the metal tool to remove the pin. Proceed by removing the middle part between the two open pins.

3. Connecting open ends

You can use one of the earlier removed metal pins to connect the two open ends again. Following, use the back of the metal tool or the green tool to fix the pin again.


This is NOT valid for ALL our watches. E.g. the models 0153 MIA, 0154 MIRIAM and 0155 MAJA are connected by spring bolts, which can be removed simply by pushing them with the metal pin (low pressure). If you are unsure on how the shortening works or if you need this tool, feel free to contact us.


DIY - Do it yourself

Video instructions

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If you've got problems with adjusting the Strap, we recommend to contact a local expert.