Defective product

There's a problem with your Laimer product? No problem - below you'll find a listing of some defects and how to best solve them.

In case you cannot find a solution here, simply contact us.

Formeost, we'd like to apologize for the trouble with your product. High-quality processing and the usage of corresponding materials is very important for us.

Anyhow, a black sheep can sneak in.

That's why we're here for you and try to find the best and fastest solution for your problem.

What you should know in advance


We offer an all-around dealer warranty of 12 months for all of our watches. Therefore, in the first year after purchase, you can complain nearly every damage; under the guarantee free of charge. Additionally our products are also covered by the 24 months legal warranty, which, by the way, does not cover the same cases as the dealer warranty. Find more information about this topic in our warranty guidelines.

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In case your problem is not listed here or you still need/want to contact our customer support, we're here for you. Be sure, that you forward the following information to us, right away, so that we can help you as soon and as best as possible. The article number / name of your watch - and please also add a picture of the defect, in case it is a visible one. If it is a dealaer warranty or legal guarantee case, be sure to also send us a picture of the warranty card / receipt / invoice.

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Submission of the watch

If you decide to send your defective product to us, be sure to first contact our support team. Following, you can submit your defective product to us; either you organize the transport yourself (we recommend delivery with a trackingcode) or we organise a collection of your parcel (on demand). Of course we bear the shipping costs for warranty repairs, otherwise this has to be settled individually with our support. Please be sure to pack the product well and include the following return form to it.

Return form

Defective Laimer watch

Broken strap

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Defective Laimer watch

The watch is not running properly


Frequently asked questions

There are still open questions regarding your repair? Take a look at our FAQs; perhaps you'll find the answer there. If not, please contact us.

▽ Who covers the shipping costs for the submission of a defective product?

This varies from case to case. If it is a warranty case, we will, of course, bear the costs for the return and the new shipping of the product. Attention: This is ONLY possible, if you use our pick-up service. A refund afterwards is not possible. If it is not a warranty case, the shipping costs are at your expense.

▽ Can I also submit a defective product, that I have not bought on

As manufacturer you can of course contact us if there is a problem with your laimer product, regardless of where you bought it.

▽ Can I also contact a local Laimer dealer with my repair?

If there is the possibility to locally repair a laimer product, depends from case to case. Warranty cases e.g. usually have to be carried out directly from us. If you turn to a local watchmaker or laimer reseller, it is possible, that there arise costs for the repair.