defective product

Your Laimer product has a defect? No problem - here you will find a list of some problems and how to best proceed.

If your problem is not listed, or you need our help, just contact us.

First of all we would like to apologize for any problems with your product. High quality workmanship and the use of appropriate materials are very important to us.

Nevertheless, sometimes a bad apple can show up.

That's why we are here for you and try to find the best and fastest solution to your problem.

What you should know in advance:


We offer an all-round dealer warranty of 12 months on all our watches. This means that within the first year after buying the watch, you can claim almost any defects free of charge under the warranty. In addition, of course, the 24 months legal warranty on our products also applies; however, this does not cover the same cases and does not cover all cases included in the warranty. You can find more information in the guidelines; of course you can also contact us directly.

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If your problem is not listed here or you still need to contact our support team, we will be happy to help you. Please make sure that you provide the following information so that we can help you as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The model number of your watch - if there is a visible defect; please also send a photo of it. If it is a warranty/legal warranty claim, please also send a photo of your warranty card/receipt/invoice.

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Sending in the watch

If you decide to send your watch to us, please contact our support team first. Then you can send us your defective product; either you organize the transport yourself (we recommend shipping with a tracking code) or we will organize a pickup of your watch on request. In case of a warranty claim, we will of course also bear the costs for the pickup, otherwise this will be clarified individually with our support team. Please pack the watch well and enclose the following return form.

Return form

Defective Laimer watch

Broken strap

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Defective Laimer watch

Clock does not run correctly or stops


Frequently asked questions

Do you still have questions about your repair? Take a look at our Return FAQs, maybe you will find an answer to your question. Otherwise you are welcome to contact us.

▽ Who bears the shipping costs for sending in a defective product?

Who pays the shipping costs of the entry depends on the case. If it is a warranty/legal warranty case, we will of course pay the return and shipping costs of the product. ATTENTION: for this purpose we provide pickups on request; a refund of the shipping costs afterwards is not possible. If it is not a warranty/legal warranty case, the shipping costs are at your expense.

▽ Can I also send in a defective product if it was not purchased on

As we are the manufacturer, you can of course contact us with any problem with a Laimer product, no matter if the watch was bought directly from us or not.

▽ Can I take my defective product to a Laimer dealer near me?

It depends on the case whether there is the possibility to carry out a repair locally. Warranty cases, for example, must usually be handled directly by us. If you contact a local watchmaker or Laimer dealer, there may be costs for the repair.