The Natural Ulten Valley

Where Laimer's clock started ticking.

From Lana the Ulten Valley (Val d'Ultimo) gouges its way over 40 km into the landscape behind the more or less seven mountains of the Etsch (Adige) Valley. One of the most rustic valleys in South Tyrol! It also boasts the largest area of woodland. The 2,871 inhabitants are spread over four villages - and all four are named after their patrons: St. Pankraz, St. Walburg, St. Nikolaus and St. Gertraud. Veronika and Patrick Laimer grew up in the little village of St. Pankraz, so this is where the metaphorical roots of Laimer wooden watches lie - and if you look closely, also the trunk, branches and leaves. This is because the Ulten Valley is still the main inspiration behind every Laimer creation today!


Bushy wooded slopes, but also wide meadows characterise the landscape of this valley. And of course high peaks, because this mountain world is the dream of many a mountaineer - the highest point of the valley, by the way, is the Hasenöhrl with an altitude of 3,257m. It is located in the mountain range that separates the Ulten Valley from the Vinschgau Valley (Val Venosta). But there is something else that distinguishes Ulten's scenery, and that is the mountain lakes: most of them are at over 2,000 m and can only be reached on foot. They lie between the peaks in a lake-like calm, creating a wellness area in the middle of the mountains.

Active World

Numerous mountain pastures dot the mountains of the Ulten Valley. Especially in summer they welcome visitors with typical South Tyrolean food - and with lots of relaxation in the mountain sun. Even the most strenuous hikes are well rewarded! While the area around the Schwemmalm is a paradise for hikers in summer, in winter it becomes a skiing hotspot par excellence: no wonder, after all, ski star Dominik Paris grew up here and took his first steps on skis. A perfect omen then! Of course, the Ulten Valley is also suitable for ski tours, snowshoe hikes, tobogganing trips or cross-country skiing tours. Winter dreams come true!

Anyone who has visited the Ulten Valley themselves will not be surprised to learn that Veronika and Patrick Laimer are passionate about this valley. Home, inspiration and refuge are the Ulten Valley for the two wooden watch manufacturers. Talking about wood: the Ulten Valley is also home to the three primeval larches, the oldest conifers in Europe, with an age of over 2000 years. So the Ulten Valley was the perfect place to put down deep roots, and not just for Laimer!