What makes 2021 tick?

What makes 2021 tick?

You get that sensation in your legs when you roam through the woods in the first days of spring. The snow has disappeared and the earth steams pleasantly as the first rays of sun dare to touch the carpet of needles.

The floor feels a bit like a stepping stone, a stepping stone full of hope and motivation, a stepping stone that leads to a new stage. The springboard is soft, it yields and bounces well, even if you move a little faster. Like Veronika and Patrick Laimer.

They have decided to simply be their own "time changers". And who better to do that than a watch manufacturer? Yes, that's right, Laimer is going on the offensive, because "standing still is going backwards", as Confucius used to say.

This idea of "daring", of a new start, has given rise to the "Reboot Collection". The collection brings a lot of new things: new stones, new ideas, and bold colour combinations.

Love is in the air?

When marble & mother-of-pearl nestle up against classic precious wood and upcycled oak embraces colourful stones, you are clearly holding a watch from the "Reboot Collection". The new collection is refined, bold, extravagant, fresh, and different. Native apricot wood and walnut wood stand for tradition, the new addition kiwi wood for innovation. "We love the unspoilt nature of the Ulten Valley and its rustic forests. We definitely want to pass on this love", Veronika enthuses.

Laimer tries to pack all his appreciation for nature into the new collection and thus make as many people as possible happy. "The soul needs a little balm too" Patrick reveals with a twinkle in his eye. The current situation makes us even more aware of this. Promoting regional, small-scale operations is a major concern for the company. 2020 has shown us just how globally networked and consequently, how much we are dependent on each other.

Wings are important, but roots even more so - bee happy with us

Laimer's may be fast movers but are by no means aloof. Those who know them know that they have stayed on the ground and the ground on which they and others stand is important to them. That is why they are again supporting various reforestation projects in 2021, such as the German Nature Conservation Union, or the Mama Earth Foundation in the Philippines. But they wouldn't be called Laimer if there wasn't something new to report:

Veronika and Patrick have set themselves another goal this year. In cooperation with the association Hektar Nektar they take an active interest in the protection of honey bees and wild bees. As we all know, these little creatures play a major role in ensuring that the soil we stand on stays the way it is.

So also in 2021, Veronika and Patrick will be in no way inferior to the yellow and black striped heroes in terms of "diligence". Hopefully there will soon be many more happy bees and someday even our own delicious "Laimer Honig"?