Contemporary partnership

From nature messages, discus discs and quality controls
Those who follow Laimer on Instagram know that the Italian watch designer label embodies wild nature, the longing for individual life and freedom, and strives to preserve our beautiful world. It is not just a product made of wood. It is not just selling and marketing a stylish accessory. There is much more behind Laimer: Laimer also acts as an "ambassador" and delivers messages. To spread these messages, the young company works with a number of partners who share the same philosophy of sustainability

The “Conservationists”
No wonder Laimer chose Nabu as a partner ... The nature conservation association calls itself "Naturschutzmacher" on its website, and it quickly becomes clear that Germany's largest environmental association is anything but lazy! The volunteers are committed to the protection of biodiversity and habitats, clean air, good water, healthy soil and the conscious use of resources.

"Good day, I am your tree"
Talking about the conscious use of resources: Laimer uses only FSC-certified woods for the manufacture of its products, which have been used elsewhere before. "Upcycling" is the name given to this type of reuse of actual waste products.
It is therefore obvious that Laimer also corresponds with Mama Earth: With ecological-social projects and professional wood investment this organisation helps with the reafforestation of cleared forest areas. In places where large corporations used to rage, nature is being helped to help itself - and to grow anew. Some time ago, Laimer took part in a Mama Earth social media project, in which a tree was planted for each shared Facebook post. With great success!
Laimer also supports the state-approved foundation with the "mytree" campaign. Since 2016 it has been possible to purchase an identified tree with the Laimer gift card. "Hello, I am your tree" is written on it, and the tree photo also shows the coordinates of the planting point of your tree on Google Earth.

Kaltern Winery – A watch from the barrel
As we already know, no trees are felled for Laimer. But it is a very special transformation when a wine barrel suddenly turns into a beautiful wristwatch! When the Laimers asked the Kaltern Winery for cooperation, they were more than enthusiastic. Thanks to the watch, one can only say, because it has been around ever since: The Wine Editionx wooden watch is made from the barrels of the Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva Doc 2015 "quintessence" and makes the partnership with the Kaltern Winery a very exceptional one!

Laimer's personal best range
The following collaboration is also unusual. Because what should a discus disc have to do with a label like Laimer? One would think: not much - but it does! Laimer sponsors, among others, the discus thrower, 13 times national champion and Olympic participant Hannes Kirchler! The athlete from Meran (Merano) won nine gold medals at the "Assoluti" and two gold medals at the Italian winter championships. An incredible performance! By the way ... Kirchler's best distance is 65.01 metres ;) Laimer also cooperates with other athletes and clubs and thus supports some young, aspiring compatriots in their careers.

A partnership far beyond the borders
None of these cooperative relationships would exist without the "Laimer birthplace". For this to happen, we have to take a leap, a leap far beyond the borders of our country, as far as Asia, if we want to be precise. Laimer sends some of the raw materials required for the manufacture of its products to precisely that region: the Lasa marble, the wine barrels of the Kaltern Winery, Swarovski stones and apple wood. The rest is usually bought locally. In order to constantly monitor production, a Laimer employee is employed directly there who carries out regular quality controls. At least once a year, the boss is also personally on site to ensure that everything is in accordance with the regulations, the working conditions are okay and the production facilities meet the prevailing safety and health standards. This ensures that the quality of the wood accessories is already guaranteed. Yes, Laimer is more than "just" watches, jewellery and sunglasses ... and its partnerships are more than just a partnership. Together they are a movement. A support. An attitude to life. But above all, they embody the desire for an eco-modern lifestyle.
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