Sustainable Fashion

Naturally renewable

How to make Fashion sustainable
Did you ever think about how sustainable your wardrobe is? How many pieces in there are bio-degradable and how much fair fashion can be found in your shelves?
Sometimes we just don't think about how much microfiber there is in our t-shirts and accessories and, therefore, how much microfiber eventually ends up in the sea. But it's time to change that.

We should move on from fashion to fair fashion.
Decide on some favourite pieces, which you can wear with pleasure for several years. Only buy what you need and be sure, that what you buy has high quality standards and consists of environmentally friendly materials.
Like wood.

Where trees still breathe
We, Laimer, grew up in a little mountain village in South Tyrol. It's where trees still breathe and rivers dance wildly. Here nature is still intact as far as possible.

Our home is as important for us, as preserving the nature around us. Therefore, ever since the label Laimer was created, we knew, that we want to work in a sustainable manner, produce fairly and protect our environment.
We work largely with bio-degradable materials and this was how we became a part of the sustainable fashion movement. We produce stylish accessories, which you can wear with a clear conscience. :-)

For our Laimer watches and accessories we exlusively use FSC - certified wooden residues of the furniture industry. We're talking about the reuse of residues, only. No tree is going to be cut down for us and our products. Like ever.

And wood is not the only sustainable material that we use - some of our dials consist of natural stones. We create something new out of natural resources. Designed by young designers and produced out of natural materials like wood and stone, every watch turns into something special. By the way: Our zero-waste packaging is 100% bio-degadable.

Step after step to more sustainability

Sustainability starts with the simplest things. You can try to go without plastic, step after step. Replace your plastic toothbrush with one made of bamboo, take a glass bottle with you instead of buying bottled water every time you leave the house and exchange the transparent film with an ecological variant: Beeswax.
Try to only buy fair and environmentally friendly clothing. Do not buy sunglasses made of plastic; perhaps some stylish wooden ones would also match your taste. Same for other accessories like watches. 
Do support small labels, who care about the environment as much as you do. Like this our rugged mountains, wild rivers and thick forests will be preserved for a long time! :-)

Blog post of Petra Schwienbacher