care balm for wooden accessories
care balm for wooden accessories
care balm for wooden accessories
care balm for wooden accessories
care balm for wooden accessories
care balm for wooden accessories
care balm for wooden accessories

Lea, Andreas und über 2645 andere Personen lieben unsere Accessoires aus Holz

Lea, Andreas und über 2645 andere Personen lieben unsere Accessoires aus Holz

care balm for wooden accessories

A plant-based care for wooden accessories with direct skin contact.

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Our Laimer CARE BALM is, except for beeswax, a plant-based care for wooden accessories with direct skin contact. The care product is handmade out of different natural, biological raw materials.

The included essential oils ensure a characteristic aroma and, additionally, nourish the skin. Thanks to the special composition of our Care Balm a resistant protective coat covers the surface of the wood, which impregnates and seals it up. If regularly used, the wood becomes dirt-resistant and sort of "waterproof". Additionally, it encourages the wood, so that the colours and graining manifest even better than before. The Laimer CARE BALM is totally free from chemical and synthetic substances.

  • sustainable
  • free from silicones and parabens
  • 10 ml
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consists of different plant oils, waxes and resins (Tocopherol, protection of UV radiation and anti-oxidants). Skin nourishing vegetable fats. Bees wax (resistant impregnation and protection from moisture & sweat, wood sealing)

minimum durability approx. 1 year

LAiMER wood care product for wood jewelry. Apply to the surface with a cellulose sponge or a cloth wipe. Allow to act for approx. 10 minutes and then thoroughly rub off or polish off the excess care product with a soft cloth or cellulose sponge. After approx. 20-30 minutes drying time, the treated object can be used again. One or two applications per month are sufficient. Your jewelry will retain its value and will thank you for it. Especially with wooden glass frames, the nose area is exposed to extreme sweat and oiliness. More frequent use of the LAiMER care product is recommended in this case.


Store LAiMER care products at room temperature. Minimum shelf life: approx. 1 year. If stored at cooler temperatures, the natural waxes contained in the product may become slightly flaky. Five minutes at room temperature will quickly remedy the situation and the flakes will dissolve again. Be careful not to drip on fabrics. Unwanted stains can be removed with rubbing alcohol. Our care product was developed for wooden jewelry and wood that comes into direct contact with the body. The ingredients have been carefully selected for optimal compatibility with the skin. People with allergies should nevertheless test the wood care product for compatibility with the skin before use.

Art. Z005

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Which type of wood are used for our products?

We use different types of wood for our products, e.g. Maple, Walnut or Sandalwood. Thereby we exclusively use FSC - certified residuals of the furniture industry: so no tree is cut down for us. In case you want to learn more about the used types of wood, click here.

Are our products identical to the product pictures?

No, our accessories are not identical to the product photos. They are mainly made of the natural material wood and mother earth, as is well known, does not like to be supervised or leaded. Therefore, the color and/or grain of our products can differ from watch to watch and production line to production line.

Are our products waterproof?

Our products are NOT waterproof. That stating, that the material wood in general can be damaged by water. Anyhow, our products are splash proof and, therefore, sweat, rain drops .... are no problem thanks to the special impregnation. In any case you should remove them when e.g. taking a both or swimming.

Is it possible to have an allergic reaction?

We call attention to the fact, that our products are made out of 100% natural wood, which is not processed with toxic chemicals or any other protective Treatments. The clasp and back of our watches consist of stainless steel.

Do our watches need special care?

No, there is no special care needed. Our products are impregnatet and varnished with a special, invisible lacquer. That's how the natural features of the wood can be preserved in full.

How can I dispose the battery?

Obviously, our watches are equipped with a battery. Empty batteries can be send back to our stores and disposed there. We guarantee proper waste removal.

Why you need a Laimer accessory?

recycled wood

Anpassbar auf jeden Armumfang

natural grass packaging

Federleicht & Atmungsaktiv

Südtiroler Lifestyle

Direkter Support


Sustainable materials

We exlusively use FSC certified residuals and natural, regrowing materials for our accessories.

Environmentally friendly

Fast & Sustainable Shipping

By delivering our products in biodegradable boxes made of grass, we guarantee the smallest possible environmental footprint.

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