MyTree Gift Card

You will receive an individual photo of your tree with the coordinates of its position in a high-quality gift card. If you enter the coordinates of the photo in Google Earth, you’ll fly to your tree. The gift card offers space for a personal dedication.

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5,50 €


Delivery: 2 - 5 days
Free delivery within the EU
12 months warranty
30 days money-back-guarantee


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Our myTree-Projekt was launched in the summer of 2016. The aim is to plant 5.000.000 endemic trees in order to help nature to develop woodlands again. We do not collect donations to achieve this goal but we offer you the acquisition of a uniquely identified tree (4,50 euro with photo). Through the coordinates which are stated on your tree photo, you can see the exact planting location in Google Earth. Google Maps can direct you to the tree. Moreover, we have a very practical bag available in our shop, a bag which is individually printed with the coordinates of your tree. There are no two bags exactly alike!

What is Mama Earth?

For many years now, Mama Earth is occupied with reforestation. Among other things, our foundation is non-commercially planting mangroves in the Gulf of Davao / Philippines in order to boost the fish abundance over there. We were and are supported by Rettet den Regenwald e.V., the Umweltbank etc. 1.037.000 mangroves have already been planted (June 2016). The aim is 1,2 million. Hence there are only 163.000 mangroves lacking.  

In order to stop illegal logging in natural forests we commercially plant mahogany and teak. Within three years we have planted more than 128.000 trees for commercial logging. Due to a low-entry price we generate good rates of return, although the farmers receive 50 percent. Whoever wishes to join our hard-wood program will be heartily welcomed.