Below you will find key facts about our Business and our products. If there are any further questions, don't be afraid to contact us.

General Questions:

Is there a LAiMER Shop?

Yes, there is. Our first LAiMER Woodstore is located in Lana, Italy. Obviously, we offer all our products and professional consultancy there .
More precise, our conceptstore is located in the Johann Kavogl Straße 8, 39011 Lana (BZ) Italy. Additionally, there are different resellers, who sell our products. Click here to find a store near to you.

When and how is it possible to reach us?

Our office is staffed from Monday to Wednesday 8.00 am - 12.00 am and after a short lunch break also from 13.00 pm - 18.00 pm. We are also reachable for you on saturday from 9.00 am - 12.00 am.


Phone: +39 388 158 68 86

How can you pay for your LAiMER products?

When buying online, it is possible to pay by normal bank Transfer, Pay Pal, Credit Cards or cash on delivery. Click here for more information.

How and when will your LAiMER product be delivered?

To guarantee a secure, fast and easy delivery we supply by means of different forwarding companies. Therefore, you should get your product within 2-5 days after paying it.

Is it possible to return or to replace my LAiMER product?

Basically it is possible to return or replace you products. Contact us to get more precise Information.

You are a reseller and interessted into our products?

We are always happy to see interest into our products. Produkten. Contact us for a cooperation at

Is it possible to buy gift vouchers?

Of course, you can easily buy a gift voucher here. You will receive it via Mail and have the possibility to print it. The voucher can be cashed by entering the voucher code when ordering something. It is possible to use one voucher per order.

Questions about our products:

How does a LAiMER watch behave in everyday life?

LAiMER wooden watches are comfortable to wear in day-to-day life. Because of their lightness they aren't disturbing and convey a pleasant wearing comfort.

Wich wood was used for a LAiMER watch?

Our products are made out of many different types of wood, for example maple-, walnut- or sandalwood. If you are interested in more information concerning our materials, click here.

Are the Products identical as shown in the photos?

Our Products are made out of the natural material wood, that can cause variations in color and grain. At the same time this makes the product special and every piece is unique.

Are LAiMER products water resistant?

Our products are NOT waterproof. This is because the raw material, wood, generally can be damaged through the impact of water. However, they are splash - proof and ,because of their impregnation, withstand sweat, rain or others. Anyhow, LAiMER products should be taken off when washing your Hands, showering or Swimming.

Is it possible to have an allergic reaction? What does hypoallergenic mean?

We call attention to the fact, that our products are made out of 100% natural wood, which is not processed with toxic chemicals or any other protective Treatments. Very little People react allergic to wood. However, you should watch your skin and look out for any changes in the first weeks you wear your LAiMER product. If there occurs any discomfort on your wrist or any type of itch or rash please take off you product and contact your doctor. Additionally the closing of our LAiMER watches consist of metal and are in contact with your skin when wearing the product. Therefore, we cannot exclude allergical reactions.Generally hypoallergenic means that the risk for an allergic reaction for this product is minimized. It was treated without any substances like alcohol, nickel or colorants. However, hypoallergenic does not mean, that it is not possible to get an allergical reaction. Every body is and works differently, reacts differently to different products. LAiMER is not responsible for any damage, injuries or damage caused by the wooden products.

Does a LAiMER watch need Special Treatment?

No, our watches are impregnatet permanently an do not need Special care.

How can I adjust the length of the bracelet?

The chain links of our wrist watches are connected with only one metal bar, that can be shifted into the right direction using a paperclip. If you are unsure about how to adjust your bracelet using the right and secure way, please contact us or visit a local specialist.

Which movement is installed in my LAiMER watch?

Our wooden watches are equipped with quartz- and mechanical movements of the Company Miyota installed. Movements of this firm are also used inside Citizen watches. We guarantee for their quality with 1 year warranty on the movement.

Click Sie here to get more Information about our movements.

How can I dispose the battery?

Obviously, our watches are equipped with a battery. Empty batteries can be send back to our stores and disposed there. We guarantee proper waste removal. Batteries contain harzadous substances, characterized by chemical symbols (Cd for cadmium, Hg for Mercury, Pb for lead). Please never dispose any batteries in your household waste.

How do I clean my LAiMER sunglasses?

To clean your sunglasses a slightly moist rag is best suitable. Please do no use cleaning agents or detergents. Air preassure is suitable for polutions at the glasses lace. However, this must be done with caution and care. Please do not put the sunglasses into a glass bath or dishwasher.

Do my LAiMER sunglasses need Special care?

No, our sunglasses are sealed with a certain transparent varnish. Therefore, the characteristics of the wood will remain. Additionally, the varnish conforms to DIN EN71/T3, which is in accordance with the norm on children's toys and free from any hypoallergic chemicals.