Time for nature

„The Ulten Valley in South Tyrol is a rare vale. Untreated and natural, old-established - somewhat as if time had stopped. In the most positive sense, of course.“

„Time for nature“ – that is what Laimer stands for. As a child of the rustic Ulten Valley, a deep relation to the nature and particularly to the forest, was practically laid into the paths of Patrick Laimer, the founder and CEO of LAiMER. A few years ago, to be precise in 2012, the skilled joiner combined his passion for the material wood and his enthusiasm for watches - and, thus, finished his first wooden watch. Out of wooden residuals. The first step for the fulfillment of his dream has been taken. Until this very day every single one of the models, which number increased significantly by now, is exclusively made out of FSC-verified wooden residuals of the furniture industry. This wood comes from sustainable, close-to-nature forestry, which furthermore marks up by means of high social standards and the careful use of resources.

Besides, the watches are a real eye-catcher and a statement for nature and environment.

This is how environmental protection is trendy:

- Our wood: Residuals of the furniture industry

- Certified by the FSC

- Recognize impulses and adapt them to the natural principle

- Sustainable, renewable and real!

LAiMER supports:


Athletes and associations

Mama Earth

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the LAiMER Team

Our Team:

Patrick Laimer | CEO


Veronika Egger | Managing director & Marketing


Benjamin Thaler | Back Office Management


Natalie Hafner | Back Office Management & Graphic


Peter Alber | Customer care & Sale


Martin Ungerer | Customer care & Sale


Wolfgang Pur |  Warehouse


Lea Bortolotti |  Social Media