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A statement for nature

Time for a statement!

5 reasons for (your) Laimer watch

Why do you need a Laimer watch? We'll tell you here! ... and we'll start by saying that the Laimer watch is not just any watch - it's a statement.
Which brings us to reason number 1:

NUMBER 1: The message behind it

Behind every beautiful timepiece from Laimer is an important message: that of sustainability. After all, Laimer works with leftovers from the furniture industry - wood that would actually be thrown away is simply upgraded in this way. And you get a wonderfully stylish accessory that not only looks beautiful, but can also do something!

NUMBER 2: Individual style

Naturalness is the be-all and end-all of Laimer's watch pieces. They show how stylish Mother Earth actually is! And of course, a Laimer watch can also be adapted to your individual style. After all, they come in many different finishes: light wood or dark, with leather strap or wooden band, bulky or filigree, high-tech or less. Made from South Tyrolean apple wood or even from old wine barrels from the Kaltern winery - the choice is considerable!

NUMBER 3: Excellent design

Yes, literally: excellent. Because some of the models have won the "German Design Award". You want to wear excellent style on your wrist? Then the Marmo Rose wooden watch and the Roberto automatic wooden watch are the right choice for you!

NUMBER 4: The movements

We only use high-quality Japanese movements from Miyota and Seiko for our watches! So you're guaranteed never to be late again! :-)

NUMBER 5: From now on, you always have the perfect gift!

Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, birthday: the perfect gift? You've got it! Or we do: A watch, glasses or jewellery from Laimer are always well received. Why is that? As you can see, there are plenty of reasons! :-)