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A statement for nature

The Laimer glasses

Get a glimpse!

You were born into a world that is full of wonders. You are unique in this world, it does not give you a second time. And a piece of nature as a stylish accessory, which also carries this individuality in itself, underlines your personality once again. So it's high time to look at Laimer's sunglasses repertoire!

See and be seen!

Are you classically cool like CARL? Simple and trendy like DENISE? Or conspicuous with your casual look like DAGMAR? No matter what name your Laimer sunglasses wear, when you look through their glasses, you'll feel "pure nature" paired with elegant,cheeky coolness! Why? Because that's what distinguishes each of our glasses!

An overview

Do you need an overview of the wide range of products on offer? We will show you all the materials and types of wood we use for the production of our sunglasses. First of all, no piece of wood is the same as the other, so all our glasses are completely different – this makes them unique! For the frame we take native woods, such as maple and nut, but also tropical wood species, such as sandalwood, zürgelbaum or zebrano. Yes, even denim fabric finds a completely new way of using our glasses in the frame production! The combination of different types of wood within a spectacle model must not remain unaccounted for. This results in a particularly refined look! In addition, we also use materials such as acetate and metal for the frames – and one or the other glasses come with fine, playful applications! Everything according to your personal taste. Because the eye eats ... or - in this case - "dresses" as you know! ;)

The best view

Of course, there is also something for every personality with the glasses! Whether orange, green, violet, yellow or blue, whether classically dark, graduated colorful or quite shrill with mirror look: The choice is yours! And apart from the diverse selection, we only want the best for you! That's why all our sunglasses are made by hand with a lot of dedication, have 400% UV protection and are also polarized. So a Laimer glasses give you excellent visibility! Last but not least, there is the eternally unresolved question of form: round, pilot style, Wayfarer form or even hexagon look? If you are not sure which shape of glasses suits your face, here are some useful tips! No matter which glasses you ultimately choose. Whether you are called HANNES, ALIDA or BORIS: You are unique – just like your Laimer sunglasses!